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God calls us to be wise to choose our friends because those people will help us grow and walk our path through life, and like something magical, Mandy Corrente carries this phrase in her heart. At her young age, Mandy invites us to believe and reflect about friendship and the true importance of family. Best friends have secrets, laugh at their jokes and don't need to say anything to understand each other, have known each other since they where little (although sometimes we make best friends when we are older), and as the song says in Spanish, they sing, dance, play, fight and conquer to the world together. For this reason the song is titled "My Bestie", a popular word in English that means My Best Friend.


"My Bestie" is musically produced by guitarist Homero Gallardo and written by his mother, Daniela Corrente. Mandy told her mother one day that she wanted to make a song for her best friend. Her request,  was created according to her age, with phrases and words that little Mandy uses every day to express herself with her friends and family. In this song, Mandy created her choreography, the video is very organic,  and Mandy looks very natural playing and having fun with her Bestie. The single is energetic, fun, and specially thoughtful. If you have a best friend, dedicate this song to her, with the purity of an 8-year-old girl like Mandy, where each word is a faithful witness of innocence, kindness, and the pure and immense feeling of every child.


In the music video, Mandy play and have fun with her Bestie, Marcela Briceño, and her sister Valentina Corrente also appears in some scenes with her Bestie, Jazmin Cimino. At the end of the video, Mandy and her sister Valen (as the artist calls her) end together dancing and singing to make the audience understand that the family is the most important thing. Currently, Mandy Corrente continues to prepare herself to forge her career academically and be an integral artist. She studies music at Jan Smith's school and is now learning to play drums and piano.


Search for "My Bestie" by Mandy Corrente on all music platforms, and don't miss her cute music video on her YouTube channel. Surely from now on, it will be one of your favorites songs.


Follow Mandy Corrente on all her social networks @mandycorrente. Check out the official video here.


""One Step Closer" reflects the urge to escape and leave what makes you unhappy. There are references to suburbia, flowers on window sills, and party invitations which may seem well attractive at first but a closer look can immerse you in an unsettling feeling.

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