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Over the years, we have been honored to feature some of the most interesting people in the industry and beyond. From time to time, we have the opportunity to catch up with them to find out just what they have been up to since they graced our pages. Check out updates below and make sure to check back regularly. You never know who we will be able to catch up with and see where they are now!

Nikita Lev.png

Indie-rock/folk singer Nikita Lev is committed to crafting compelling music. Fashioning her songs with grace, emotion, and soft haunting vocals, the New York-bred multi-instrumentalist released her debut single “Elegance,” on February 27, 2023, and her second single “Like I Care,” on April 24th. To celebrate the release of her second single, Nikita performed at Bar Lubitsch on April 27th. Nikita crafts music that is honest, confident, and mature, not afraid to speak her mind. (cont...)


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(Photo Credit: Nikita Lev/JV Agency)


Edwrds is an American singer, songwriter and producer. According to him, music was a means to an end for overcoming depression and life’s trials. His songs fuse elements of pop-oriented rap and alternative rock with heartfelt, ambivalent songwriting.
 Born Jake E Lee, Edwrds was raised in the suburbs of New York, specifically Long Island. (cont...)

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(Photo Credit: Gandhy Magloire)

Mandy Corrente.png

Meet Mandy, an incredible 9-year-old from Miami who effortlessly dances, sings, plays multiple instruments, excels in gymnastics and aspires to be a superstar. She's taken vocal lessons, mastered the piano and drums, and even performed at events and TV shows. With 16 singles out and a passion for acting, Mandy's a young star in the making. (cont...)


Check out what Mandy has been up to here.

(Photo Credit: Daniela Corrente)

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