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Dylan Jakobsen (September/October 2023)

Alexa Valentino.png

Alexa Valentino

From a girl who really liked a television show about FBI agents to one of the biggest up and coming artists to watch, 18-year-old Alexa Valentino is writing her legacy as a singer/songwriter and she’s not wasting any time. People quickly fell in love with the comfort she radiated as an influencer only to discover her music, which made them feel just that and more.


(Photo Credit: Lisa Schindler)

Matt VonFossen.png

Matt VonFossen

Making music that comes from the heart and touches the soul...that's what Matt VanFossen does best. He is not your average cookie-cutter country artist. He is real, honest, and true to the music he loves. Matt's powerful and heartfelt vocal style coupled with his ability to interact with the audience leave you wanting more long after the show is over.


(Photo Credit: Zak Neese)

Action Magazine September/October 2019

Action Magazine has been around since June 2017, but not everyone has had the opportunity to see and enjoy all issues. The magazine started out as a catalogue for Take Action Apparel & Gear. The clothing line is no longer around, but the magazine is. We have grown by leaps and bounds, and pages too! Take a look at how it all began as we release past issues from the vault.


Liv Hanna.png
Liv Hanna

Action Magazine is honored to highlight the music of one  talented young musician. Check out her work "Back to Hell" and then take a look at her Q&A in our latest issue!

(Photo Credit: Trinity Nguyen)

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