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Action Magazine started out as a mere catalog for Take Action Apparel & Gear. 


Take Action Apparel & Gear was the result of a boy's desire to help the world! With first-hand knowledge that bullying has become a serious epidemic in schools across the nation, Gabriel L. Silva wanted to help give kids like him a voice! "I was a victim of repeated bullying. I am small for my age and kids would make fun of me for my size. Eventually, the verbal turned physical. I know that not everyone is going to like me, and I am actually okay with that. But disliking and mistreating someone physically, verbally, or emotionally for basically being different and not taking the opportunity to get to know them for who they are, is not okay. I had an opportunity to travel to LA for pilot season, when I came home, I found out that three of my friends had had an even harder time than I did at school. I knew what they were feeling, but I was helpless to help them. I wanted to do something. So, we got together with a group of experts and some really cool designers to create Take Action Apparel & Gear."


Fast forward through time, and as a result of Take Action Apparel & Gear, Action Magazine was born, giving a worldwide platform for both adults and kids in the industry, who are passionate about taking a stance against bullying, a place to share their stories. Effects on children that either are the bully or that are being bullied go well beyond the school day and sometimes last a lifetime. Students who are bullied sometimes resort to suicide and the bullies often find themselves incarcerated by the time that they are adults. "Action Magazine is a great way to showcase amazing talent within the industry while at the same time giving them an opportunity to let kids know that they are not alone and help them to feel empowered. I found my voice through acting/modeling and practicing Tae Kwon Do, I stopped focusing on the negative and was able to discover the positive in me. If we help just one by sharing our stories, then Action Magazine is doing what we have created it to do."


Gabriel L. Silva

Founder/CEO, Action Magazine

Tiffany Harper-Silva

Editor-in-Chief, Action Magazine

Grace Robleto

Special Features Editor/Writer

(Poetry Corner)

Trice Bailey
Talent Scout


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