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The story for Back to Lyla, which was written by Guillermo Noriega who hails from Mexico, centers around a young man who is under the belief he is dying. In a desperate attempt to make the most of his life, Mark, played by Argentina-born and BAFTA-winning actor Gonzalo Martin, recruits his childhood friends to help him track down the love of his life Lyla, played by Hassie Harrison known for her roles in Yellowstone and Tacoma FD. The film also stars Emma Kenney from Shameless, Tracie Thoms from Truth Be Told, and Chris Lee who is a series regular in the hit TV show Legacies.

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Behind The Mic is a YouTube/IGTV series where Gabriel Silva goes "behind the mic" on camera to talk to guests from his popular podcast, Just Talk With Gabe. Haven't seen it yet? Tune-in and catch up. Don't forget to subscribe!

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Texas teen actor/model Gabriel L. Silva partnered with Kids' Meals Houston to help end childhood hunger. The amazing organization was devastated in February of 2021 as a result of the unprecedented winter storm in Houston, TX.  


Although the storm is over and Kids' Meals Houston has recouped their inventory, they are still in need of help. A little goes a long way! Make sure to stop by and donate to a great cause.


Kids' Meals Houston provides meals to low-income families who are in need with preschool-aged kids. They deliver meals directly to apartments, trailers, and homes of hungry children in 43 Houston-area zip codes.  


Click here to donate. Remember, it only takes just $2.00 to make a difference.

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POETRY CORNER-(Curated by Grace Robleto)


Hello! Goodbye! How are you? I'm well.

By: Grace Robleto

Hello! Goodbye! How are you? I’m well.
I hope I see you again tomorrow.
I know I won’t, I know you’re leaving, going northward.
I’ll be lucky if I lay eyes on you ever again.
We claim we control our lives, but if we do, we do not do so wholly,
Because your choices can deprive me of you.
What remains at the end of everything?
One resounding “Goodbye?”
Does nothing remain?
Even the seasons do not stay the same.
Even the world grows hotter and colder.
In the back of our minds, we all know it:
Someday, everything we have ever experienced will be no more.
But it cannot be inferred that the same goes for everything we know.
Everything in our direct experience is contingent:
Trees, one another, animals, flowers, songs.
Beyond the change, however, is the Unchanging,
Without which there would be no change.
The constant transformation of all things is not a taking, but a giving.
The heartbeat of the cosmos is steady, though its arms (flung out wide) are not.
Change is a gift, decay is a fitting end, and even ends are beginnings disguised.
There hides a hello in every goodbye.